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    welcome to jayvir spring ind.
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    Experienced Spring Manufacturers
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    all type of spring manufacturer

:: welcome to jayvir spring industries ::

Experienced Spring Manufacturers, Makers and Suppliers



 JAYVIR SPRING INDUSTRIES (JSI) is the leading provider of a variety of standard and customized springs. Our springs and wire forms have the ability to meet the demands of various industrial applications. 
We are manufacturing frome 0.1 to 60 mm wire diameter springs.

We are experts in all industrial springs and wire forms, ensuring that your product is optimised as soon as we receive your enquiry. Whether you require us to design a spring for you to try in your product or already have the completed specification, we have the expertise and capabilities to fulfil your order

We manufacture all types of compression, tension and torsion springs, split rings, wire forms from single prototypes to larger quantities. From industrial springs to coil springs, we can assist. For us to provide an accurate quote on manufacturing of springs, we suggest that you provide us with the following:

*Detailed drawing
*Wire size and type
*Inside and outside spring diameter

Our products form a reliable means of enabling applications and processes. With a variety of material and sizing options, our springs, and wire forms can be used to support requirements of all sizes

Our springs are quality assured, and produced to the highest indian Standards, at competitive prices.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our products and services, or contact us to arrange a free quote


Standard and Customized Springs -  Compression Spring , Torsion Spring ,

Tension Spring , Sqaure Spring , Wire bending Spring , Spring Washer , R Clips ,

Metal Stamping Spring , C Clips . 


:: Industries we Serve ::



We manufacture for a diverse range of industries virtually any function from tiny springs used in thermal fuses & micro switches to heavy duty springs Used in crushers,elevators and actuators. We continuously strive to develop out technological capabilities to ensure that each item meets specific requirements.

The paramount business policy to excel over the decades has led us to constantly improve our products, procedures and services.

*Complete range under one roof

*Free Spring Designing Assistance. 

*Economic Pricing. 

*A variety of finishing processes like electroplating, powder coating, and golden finishing.

:: Our Business Policy ::

JAYVIR SPRING INDUSTRIES (JSI)  has built its reputation based on its business policy of Service oriented Manufacturing which is craved by: 

* Commitment to Quality. 
* Prompt response. 
* Technological solutions. 
* Constant upgradation. 
* Systems management 
* After sales service. 
* Customer delight.