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About Us

About Us

 JAYVIR SPRING INDUSTRIES (JSI) is the leading provider of a variety of standard and customized springs. Our springs and wire forms have the ability to meet the demands of various industrial applications.

 We are one of the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of industrial Springs Established in the year 1996, we are identified as a reliable manufacturer of a wide gamut of industrial spring for different industries.

Owner of the company MR. A.N.PATEL has experience of more than over 22years

This experience helps us to custom design and manufacture a wide torsion spring,
compression springs and other types of springs exactly as per the clients' requirements

Our springs are quality assured, and produced to the highest indian Standards, at competitive prices.

Our products form a reliable means of enabling applications and processes. With a variety of material and sizing options, our springs, and wire forms can be used to support requirements of all sizes

 (JSI)  has built its reputation based on its business policy of Service oriented Manufacturing which is craved by: 

* Commitment to Quality. 
* Prompt response. 
* Technological solutions. 
* Constant upgradation. 
* Systems management 
* After sales service. 
* Customer delight.

Our workshop it is also equipped with the latest machinery, including presses, high-speed spring coilers, cutting equipment, bending and hole punching machines, wire form machines and an on-site furnace. These enable us to manufacture springs and wire form products to virtually any specification, from one-off prototypes to large run orders.

Our fully trained and highly skilled technicians custom manufacture a wide range of products, including Compression, Tension and Torsion Springs, 

We also manufacture R-Clips, C-Clips, Metal Stamping spring , Wire bending spring  and a large number of other components made from wire or flat metal.


jayvir Springs specialises in the manufacture of:

*Compressions Springs
*Torsion Springs
*Tension Springs
*Wire bending Springs
*Metal stamping spring


We offer a wide range of materials for our clients to choose from, which include:

   *high-carbon spring steel wires
   *302 Stainless Steel
   *304 Stainless Steel
   *chromium-vanadium (50-CRV4)
   *chromium-silicon (CR-SI) 
   *Inconel X- 750

Our wire forming capabilities allow us to meet any custom design that our clients may require.

Our manufacturing capabilities have led to the expansion of our services. Today, we are able to offer a variety of solution driven offerings, which enhance the product’s performance, and satisfy customer needs. We have partnered with other local or national vendors to provide a variety of option to protect and enhance life of spring. Those include:  

      *Powder Coatings
      *Zinc, Cad and Tin Plating
      *Black oxide      
      *Plating (Cadmium, Tin, Zinc, Chrome)

Jayvir Spring ind. offers customers a range of solutions, which ensures outstanding quality in terms of materials, products, manufacturing capabilities, and service. If you would like to know more about our processes, please contact us at email or Request Quote.